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CALCI-GRIT[organic soluble grit]

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Soluble grit


Grit is used by birds to aid in the digestion of whole, intact seeds. Birds’ digestive enzymes work well in digesting the inner portion of seeds, but have difficulty with their fibrous coating. The fibrous hulls of whole seeds, such as sunflower seeds, act like a barrier, preventing digestive enzymes from reaching the nutritious seed within.

Grit, in the ventriculus, aids in grinding and wearing away the outer shells of the seeds, enabling the digestive enzymes to reach the valuable inner portion.


Calci-Grit is organic soluble grit  mostly limestone (calcium carbonate).


Birds in the wild naturally eat calcium to aid in digestion.

Calci-Grit contains both insoluble granite grit to aid your bird in digestion and calcium carbonate,which can be absorbed for extra calcium. This grit also supplies small amounts of needed other needed minerals like phosphorous and sodium. Offer a small amount weekly in addition to your bird’s normal food.


Suggested use: Feed in a separate grit cup. Replace weekly. One grit cup per cage is sufficient for several birds.

Canaries, Finches and Parakeets:  giving 1/4 teaspoon weekly.


Calci-Grit is a great supplement for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Canaries & Finches.


*Supports your bird’s digestion.

*Adds needed calcium to bird’s diet.


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