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Jungle Bath Spray 100ml



  • It makes feathers more supple, keeps the feet and skin free from scaling and ensures glossy feathers.
  • Jungle Bath has a relaxing function on the muscles and cleans the skin and feathers.
  • Adding Care-O-Bath to the bath water gives the birds supple feathers and helps them to maintain the strength and water-resistant function of the plumage.
  • Directions for use:- Spray Directly on Body from a distance of 4 Inches
  • Note:- Do not Spray it on Birds Eye and Beak

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Weight .100 kg


Pet Care International

Pet Care International is well known for its commitment to improve the health and well-being of pets with innovative products since 2002. The company has developed a range of beneficial products that improve health by restoring the natural balance between nutrients and foodstuffs. Pet Care International has manufactured and distributed a variety of health -related products including vitamins, nutritional supplements,skin care products for pets.


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