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Pick-Not Spray (100ml)




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Feather picking (also known as feather plucking) is a self-destructive behavior that is unique to pet birds. When a bird plucks her own feathers—sometimes severely—it can cause physical harm, such as self-mutilation or infection from open sores. This behavior must be addressed immediately, as it could signal a variety of serious problems.
Aids in the control and treatment of feather picking cage birds.
This product protects growing youngsters from feather plucking by parent animals and helps to prevent feather pecking and self mutilation.
Feather picking can be the result of many underlying causes including nutritional deficiencies, parasites, bacterial, fungal or viral infections, psychogenic problems such as boredom, stress, sexual frustration, etc.
Intensely bitter tasting which indeed plays the required role to prevent your pet Bird from plucking the Feathers


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