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Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator Concentrate 100 ml

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Key Features:
Instant control of pests on contact with additional 6 week residual protection against reinfestation. Penetrates into the plumage of birds to kill mites and lice under the feathers and on the skin. 100% safe for use on all birds.

Recommended For:
Use on mites, lice, flies, spiders, ants or any situation where external parasites are a problem, including nest boxes, flights, perches, aviary floors, indoor cages and for direct application to the bird.

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To control avian mite (Dermanyssus spp., Ornithonyssus spp.) and lice (order Mallophaga): Spray directly onto bird by holding spray 30-40cm from the bird.
Environment: Spray aviary, perches and nest boxes thoroughly. One spray should give up to six weeks protection.

Concentrate: Use a 5% solution of concentrate (eg. 50mL/L or 6½Fl.oz per Gal). Shake well before use.

Store below 30°C.

2 years from date of manufacture.

Active Constituents:
Piperonyl butoxide, Permethrin, Methoprene.



Vetafarm is an Australian owned and operated company focused on research, development, and the manufacture of health products - specifically in the field of exotic and unusual pets. Vetafarm currently employs over 40 highly specialised staff members and produces a diverse range of specifically designed products for a range of animals. If it’s too hard or too weird for other manufacturers


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