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Cal Plus 100ml



  • Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in a racing & show pigeons body and is required in the diet in a greater amount than any other mineral.
  • Calcium constitutes more than a third of the total mineral content of an adult pigeon. The skeleton contains about 98% of a birds calcium. Bones not only serve a structural role but provide a pool of calcium, phosphate and other compounds.
  • Calcium is an essential element in the bird’s body. Amongst others it is essential for the correct functioning of the nervous system.
  • Calcium deficiencies in birds regularly result in serious health problems. If the bird is not given enough calcium, it causes decalcification of the skeleton and bone deformation.
  • Giving extra calcium to birds during the breeding and growth season is therefore strongly recommended. Sufficient calcium ensures good egg shell formation and the development of a healthy skeleton.

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