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Training Clicker with Wrist Strap Bird/Cat/Kitten/Puppy (Colour May Vary)

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  • LOUD CLICKING SOUND: This training clicker has a clear, distinct and loud sound that your dog can’t fail to hear, no matter whether you are at home or outside in a busy area.
  • TRAIN YOUR PET: Can be used to train the dog basic obedience, small trick, and correct the bad behavior, scientific method of training your pet safely and easily
  • INTEGRATED WRISTBAND: The handy wristband means that you’ll always have the clicker close at hand when you’re taking your beloved dog out for a walk, and you’ll never accidentally lose it. It fits any wrist, and can even stretch over winter clothing.
  • EASY TO USE : Stop barking and dog obedience, train your dog quiqly just by simply pressing the clicker and command
  • COMPLETELY SAFE AND HUMANE: We know you love your dog just as much as we love ours, and you’d never want to hurt him. A dog clicker is a safe and humane method of dog training and obedience that is actually much faster and more effective than harsh, painful training methods like shock collars. Works great for housebreaking too.


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